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Frozen 2nd Quality Catawba Worms

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2nd Quality worms. Slightly freezer burnt, discolored, 2+ years old but still fishable.

 ******Minimum Order is 4 Bags*********

  Approximately 12-14 frozen worms per bag

When frozen worms arrive, open the box and put them in your freezer. Some thawing is normal in shipment, especially during summer months.

The day you are ready to go fishing, simply unthaw and fish with them. Some people prefer to turn them inside-out so that the scent gets "in the water" quicker, whereas others just cut them in 1/2, or 1/4 and fish with them.

Don't settle for imitation Catawba Worms, fish with our frozen worms year round.

***Orders of 15 or more bags TOTAL, select the Super Insulated/Larger Container for shipping*****

Keep frozen in the highest setting in your freezer so that they don't freezer burn/dry out.

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