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Catfish Pro Catalpa Worm Catfish Bait

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Price: $8.25

Manufacturer: Catfish Pro
Shipping for CATFISH PRO BAIT ONLY NOT FROZEN if you do not order Frozen worms.
***Made with our Catawba/Catalpa Worms****

Catfish Pro Catalpa Worm catfish bait is made using high fatty amino acids, proteins, and 100% natural oils and real catalpa worm which produces a scent catfish cannot resist.

No treble or sponge hook is required when you use our bait. You can use any hook you want including a J hook and our bait will stay on your hook no matter where you're fishing.

Our cubed bait design is made so the bait will start to release a massive scent trail as soon as it hits the water. Our bait catches channel catfish, blue catfish, bullhead catfish, and sometimes even flathead catfish.

Since our bait is water activated there is no messy or stinky hands.

Comes in a 10 oz. resealable bag. So as long as you reseal the bag after each use the bait will stay fresh until the very last piece.

Approximately 80 pieces of bait per bag.

Perfect for rod and reel, bank fishing, trotlines, jugs, drifting, limb lines, and yoyos.

You can combine the Catfish Pro Bait with any frozen order.  If you order the Catfish Pro Bait alone, use the "Shipping for CATFISH PRO BAIT ONLY NOT FROZEN" to save on shipping cost (Flat Rate Box). 

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